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Reformed Links
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals – A broad coalition of evangelical Christian leaders from a number of different denominations

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics (CRTA) – A non-profit organization established for the purpose of promoting Reformed Theology and Apologetics on the World Wide Web.

The Apologetics Group – the mission statement of the apologetics group is to to produce dynamic, relevant, cutting-edge multi-media presentations that can be used as ministry tools in reaching the lost and changing cultural thought patterns.

Hall of Church History – “Theology from a bunch of dead guys…” Incredibly detailed site containing a library of information related to church history. Awesome.

Jay Bruce (Reformed Theological Seminary) – Author of From Grief to Glory: Spiritual Journeys of Mourning Parents(Crossway Books,2002)

Ligonier Ministries – R.C. Sproul’s Teaching Center.